Merry Christmas, Everyone!

Hi, Readers–Hope you get a chance to check out my debut middle-grade novel this week–Stella Bellarosa.  It’s a Kindle Countdown Deal from Dec. 27 – Jan. 3rd.  Here’s the link:

Wishing you happy reading in the New Year!



Couplets for the Holidays…

Hi, Everybody–here are 3 couplets I wrote for David Harrison’s blog.  Try writing a few yourself–they’re fun!

icicles, bicycles, pudding and cake—
such a fine thing is a wintery break!

lawn is frozen, flowers dozin’,
robin-redbreasts tippy-toesin’.

evergreens shiver in cold winter wind,
sugary snowflakes scatter and spin.

Greetings, All!  Just starting to figure out how to do this blog thing.  I definitely am one of those self-published writers who’s been spending more time facebooking, twittering, etc. than writing these days.  Oh, Lord, to get back to writing!

Hi, Everybody–just wanted to let you know I’m hard at work publishing my first two picture books on iTunes and Amazon.  I’m also trying to learn about blogging, adding widgets, running giveaways, etc., etc.  Keep posted for future updates–oh, and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!