New Season-New Theme!

Hi, Fellow Readers, Writers and Illustrators–

Still dipping my toes into the icy waters of blogging, surfing the net, indie publishing, etc., etc. Today I’m going to explore new themes on WordPress.

I love the Spirit Theme but know it can’t last forever. In fact, signs of spring will start appearing early next month in North Carolina. Usually the first thing we spot are the tiny red leaf buds on maple trees. Then daffodil fronds start pushing through the soil. Next quince will bloom and crocuses will emerge. By then we’re on our way!

Next time I’ll post some of my goals for the New Year. Usually they involve things like finally learning how to cook chicken or bake cookies or lose weight (Wait a minute–do I spot a contradiction in those goals? Hmmm. No wonder my success rate’s been questionable.)

See you next time!


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