Poetry March Madness is here!

If you like poetry, head over to Ed Decaria’s http://www.thinkkidthink.com site where children’s poets across the nation (the world, really) are taking part in a two-week poetry competition.  64 poets each start with a unique word (graded 1 – 16 as far as difficulty) and have 36 hours to write an 8-line poem incorporating it.  Lots of fun–and lots of pressure.  I made it past the first round, but got roundly knocked out by Jane Yolen in Round 2.

Just for grins, I thought I’d share my poem for Round 1.  My word was ‘homogeneous.’

Tennis, anyone?

Methinks it stinks that something so ingenuous

as ‘home’ or ‘homogeneous’

is farther from ‘homogenous’

than ‘tennis’ is from ‘tenuous.’


And though I’m fairly game to try

to challenge this distinction,

I hope you will excuse me—

or is that ‘recuse’ me?—with a ‘bye.’


Emmy Gatrell–Mother with a Heart for Writing

          Love Indie Author interviews–hope you do, too!

Jessica Schaub Books

Welcome to the second installment of the Pay-It-Forward Author Interview series! If you are an author or have a book being released in the next year and would like to join this interview series, click here for details.

This week I am featuring a fellow homeschooling mom and writer. Emmy Gatrell took the plunge and published her first book on her own – a feat that has brought in 4 & 5 star ratings on Amazon.

If you are a fan of fantasy, love secrets and new discoveries, the Meanmna is the book for you. Read on to learn more about Emmy Gatrell and then give her book a try.

emmy gatrell

Meanmna is a fantasy novel for teens. What are some other authors who inspired you to write in this genre?

I could easily name a hundred authors that inspired me to write in the fantasy genre. I tend to read…

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Review: ML Stedman’s The Light Between Oceans

Rarely does a book as beautifully-written and atmospheric as ML Stedman’s The Light Between Oceans come along. Set on an island off the southwest coast of Australia in the early 20th Century, it is the story of a childless couple faced with a wrenching moral decision: after three miscarriages, do they secrete the arrival of an infant who washes up on Janus Rock in a small craft with her dead father, or do they report the incident as duty requires?  And who better to make this decision than a troubled, reclusive lighthouse-keeper who holds himself to the strictest standards not only when it comes to lighthouse-keeping, but to issues ranging from slight to unimaginable, such as those he experienced as an infantryman during WWI?
A compelling read by any measure, The Light Between Oceans is one of the best books I’ve read recently.  Not only is it the portrait of tortured soul who is at once unique and a metaphor for the human condition, it is moving and thoughtful without ever becoming maudlin or trite.  Reminiscent of other moody, morally-charged novels such as Elizabeth Kostova’s Dracula and Donna Tart’s The Secret History, The Light Between Oceans promises to be the subject of discussion and admiration for a good long time.
5 Stars

Meet the Author: Theresa Jenner Garrido

Hi, Everyone–Hope you have time to check out this interview with up-and-coming indie author, Theresa Jenner Garrido. Thanks!

Jessica Schaub Books

Many people enter into retirement with the dream of writing a novel. Theresa Jenner Garrido made that a reality. Whether you love romance novels or light mysteries, Theresa is your gal! With more than a dozen published books, she knows how to tell a good story. Theresa and I were both published by Martin Sister’s Publishing in 2013, so we share that sisterhood as well. I read Who Done It? and enjoyed the story line, but I fell in love with the characters; especially Ducky, a plucky 80-year-old. Allow me to introduce you to:


Theresa Jenner Garrido

Author: Who Done It?, The Chinese Chest, By Any Other Name, and more

According to your website, you lived on an island in your youth. That’s an incredibly unique experience. Can you share a specific memory or two? In what way, if any, did that environment contribute to your story…

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Book Trailer for Tip & Oliver: BFFs

If you love dogs, check out the trailer for my new children’s book, Tip & Oliver: Bffs.