Poetry March Madness is here!

If you like poetry, head over to Ed Decaria’s http://www.thinkkidthink.com site where children’s poets across the nation (the world, really) are taking part in a two-week poetry competition.  64 poets each start with a unique word (graded 1 – 16 as far as difficulty) and have 36 hours to write an 8-line poem incorporating it.  Lots of fun–and lots of pressure.  I made it past the first round, but got roundly knocked out by Jane Yolen in Round 2.

Just for grins, I thought I’d share my poem for Round 1.  My word was ‘homogeneous.’

Tennis, anyone?

Methinks it stinks that something so ingenuous

as ‘home’ or ‘homogeneous’

is farther from ‘homogenous’

than ‘tennis’ is from ‘tenuous.’


And though I’m fairly game to try

to challenge this distinction,

I hope you will excuse me—

or is that ‘recuse’ me?—with a ‘bye.’


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