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New children’s books from purple pie press – free (Kindle) Oct. 29 – Nov. 2, 2014

PRLog – Oct. 28, 2014 – CHAPEL HILL, N.C. — Award-winning author Julie Krantz’s newest children’s books are free on Kindle October 29 – Nov. 2, 2014. Bittersweet, STELLA BELLAROSA is about two NYC teens who flee Little Italy after stealing a substitute teacher’s wallet. Humorous, ISABEL PLUM: Ichthyologist is about one little diva about to implode.

STELLA BELLAROSA: Tales of an Aspiring Teenage Superhero (YA/MG Novel, ages 8 – 14, Common Core Objectives: Immigration, Poverty, City Life, 1960’s, Discrimination)

A wallet, a thief, and a brilliant plan–what can possibly go wrong?

At least that’s what Stella thinks when she urges Pin Pin to return the stolen wallet—until she gets caught with the goods, that is. That’s when all heaven, hell and whatever’s-in-between breaks loose, forcing the BFFs to hit the road.

Tag along with Stella and Pin Pin as they ditch Little Italy for midtown Manhattan—all the while battling archrival Angie Como for the title to SOHO’s Annual Food Drive, their ticket to Regis Academy, a posh high school for girls, hidden far, far away in the Catskills. Oh-la-la, for a chance to leave home—for good!

Problem is… the road isn’t much safer than home, especially when the runaways attract the attention of police, museum officials and—worst of all—Stella’s unforgiving father. Also pitted against their extravagant dreams is the threat of Pin Pin and her family’s deportation, including baby sister, Audrey, who lies at the heart of this quirky coming-of-age novel—STELLA BELLAROSA, a serious MG with a funny-bone.

Available on Amazon at http://www.amazon.com/Stella-Bellarosa-Superhero-immigration-discrimination-ebook/dp/B00I0GB5I2

ISABEL PLUM: Ichthyologist (Picture Book, Ages 3 – 8, humorous. Common Core Objectives: early/beginner reader, vocabulary-building, context clues, reading comprehension, inference)

A girl, a fish, and one little wish . . . .

Isabel Plum likes having her way. And–right here, right now–that means getting a cute and cuddly puppy. There’s only one problem–Isabel is allergic. See what happens when Isabel’s disappointment leads to an important discovery–one the single-minded heroine least expects!

Available on Amazon at http://www.amazon.com/Isabel-Plum-Icthyologist-childrens-friendship-ebook/dp/B00HPC7TCS


Confessions of Motherhood; Interview with Laura Diamond

Inspiration from Indie Author, Laura Diamond

Jessica Schaub Books

There was a day in my past when I truly believed that I needed to know how to do everything. And then I became a mom. I realized I knew nothing.


No thing.

I wish I had read Deliver Me: Confessions of Motherhood, a compilation of essays edited by Laura Diamond. Mothers are a species unto their own. Stories of labor and delivery are bonds of friendships – those personal battlefields of brining forth life when we struggle against the pain to receive the joy of motherhood. And the pain doesn’t stop there… as I’m typing this, there is a four-year-old loudly singing as he rifles through the box of Legos for just the right piece. In the background, my three daughters are all practicing their instruments. And now the dog is barking. As much as I would like to run screaming from the house, I also know…

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Hello, Fall!

Witch’s Brew

my little witch isn’t scary at all—

she’s round as a melon and six inches tall.

her name is Miranda. she lives in a cave.

she’s got twenty children, the youngest is Maeve.

but, sadly, Miranda is mired in gloom—

tonight’s Halloween and she can’t find her broom.

she searches the closet, she searches the hall,

but spiders and cobwebs are no help at all!

so she hurries to market on two tiny feet—

but instead of a broom, she buys olives and beets.

a spree for fresh veggies, you wouldn’t expect.

but my witch is peckish, so that’s what she gets.

she washes the veggies, removes all the pits,

then slices and dices and dances a bit.

’cause Miranda is happy with her witchy brew—

now she’s got supper—a hot veggie stew!