Poem for a new year . . .

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there’s something about
the winter moon,
something in
its craggy glow,
something about
its skin like snow.

there’s something about
its languid pace,
something in
its heatless grace—
something about
it hanging there,
rootless in
the twilight air…

though not a word,
a sigh, a kiss,
can ever pass
its chiseled lips,
it bathes me in
its waxy light,
swaddles me
in endless night,
giant clock
in giant sky,
ticking as
the days go by.


Lessons from a Failed KDP Select Free Promo

Useful Tips for Self-Published Authors

Kristen Pham

shutterstock_120732190In the new year, I used three of my KDP free days to promote the first book in The Conjurors Series, The Society of Imaginary Friends. I was determined to put everything I had into the campaign in order to maximize downloads of my free book and hopefully convince readers to continue with my series. I’ve been exclusively selling my books through Amazon since I began self-publishing, and have been toying with the idea of making my books available with other retailers (and thereby enabling the first book in the series to be perma free). This promotion was my final push to see if I could get a serious number of downloads of my free book using Amazon alone.

I’ve never spent more time (or money) promoting my free days, than this round. I submitted my book’s info to more than 70 sites that list free ebooks, and paid for placement on…

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A Winter Wish


Let it rain
the whole night
but as for snow,
a thought (or two)—

let it fall
all winter long,
playing like
an endless song

let it paint
the grasslands white,
douse the globe
in candlelight

let it dust
the cities too,
sugar, just for you

I’ll do
my part
to hold it,
fold it,
in my heart.

Snow Hope


‘The winter
that wasn’t’
is what
we have here,
though prospects
of snow
are perfectly
the night sky
is gloomy,
are not bright—
still . . .
never a
is ever
in sight!