March (Poetry) Madness is here!

Hi, Everybody–

Each year, Chicago sports writer Ed de Caria challenges 64 poets to an elimination-round poetry competition modeled on the NCAA’s March Madness. Adults and children across the country are invited to vote for their favorite poems. Check it out if you have time–it’s fun!

Here’s the link:

Voting on Flight 1, Round A poems begins at 8:00 PM, Tuesday, March 9th.

Here’s my offering.  I had 36 hours to write an 8-line poem using the word ‘artifice.’

A Poet’s Lament

sometimes words are dancers, they leap and twist and bound,
other times they’re cannonballs whose meaning weighs you down.

though I’m not a connoisseur of rhythm, voice or rhyme,
of this one thing I’m certain, about words, both yours and mine—

significance is personal, despite the speaker’s thrust.
poets aren’t infallible, your instincts you must trust.

to overlook this simple rule would surely be remiss,
because truth is what you make of it—and art is often artifice.




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