Counting Sheep for Book Expo America 2015

Dear Readers,

With Books Expo America in full swing, I haven’t been having the best nights’ sleep. (I’m not there but my books are, so lots of adrenaline is flowing!)

I thank Kait Neese for representing me–and wish all indie writers good luck at this amazing event!

Counting Sheep

Where do they keep the leaping sheep,
the ones who put us fast asleep?
Wild and wooly, musky and grey—
things we count at end of day—
are they coming to chase the night away?


Ode to Feet


on the floor
are two sweet feet
that I adore.
They run me here
they run me there
they run me
almost everywhere.
And though
they’re mostly
’neath my chair—
I thank you, feet,
for being there!

Update on Self-Publishing, Part 3

Hello family, friends and poetry lovers! Sorry I’ve been away so long. I’ve been editing/correcting/illustrating/polishing my picture books and middle grade novel for Book Expo America 2015. Held at the Jacob Javits Center in NYC May 27th – 30th, it’s the biggest book fair in the US. Agents, publishers and book buyers from all over the world will attend and (hopefully) buy foreign and translation rights to hundreds (thousands?) of new books. The country of honor this year is China, which is really exciting. It will be fun to see what the Chinese think of American writers!

What makes this especially exciting for me is that it’s the first time any of my books will appear there. And, since my books are self-published, it’s wonderful to have an agent representing them. This is a boon for all self-publishers, because it shows the publishing community is finally starting to recognize them. Woo-hoo!

I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, happy spring, everyone!