Loose-y Toothy

Dear Readers,

Two recent trips to the dentist have reminded me of a common childhood experience–losing teeth.

So, in tribute to my dentist, and to children—everywhere—who’ve ever lost a tooth (or will lose one soon), I give you . . .

Loose-y Toothy

My tooth is loose,
my gum is sore.
I just can’t take it

A wiggle left,
a jiggle right,
I’ll get it out
in one more bite—

But . . . suddenly . . .
my wiggle-finger’s
turning red!

I think it’s blood,
but I’m not sure—
until I see it
on the floor.

My gore has turned
the carpet brown.
I grab a towel
and swab it round.

But what a mess
is on that rug—
morsels, crumbs,
a million bugs!

That’s when I find—
to my surprise—
among the fries.