Poem for Thanksgiving

Mr. Owl’s Apology
High above
the woodland din,
perched on a
listing redwood
I spy
the hollow
far below
where humble
and rivers
where songbirds
flit and
beauty lies,
where greening
trees and
bluing skies
hide forest
their flittering
and fluttering
their wintering
and summering,
set my heart
a spin-owing.


Poem for a new year . . .

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there’s something about
the winter moon,
something in
its craggy glow,
something about
its skin like snow.

there’s something about
its languid pace,
something in
its heatless grace—
something about
it hanging there,
rootless in
the twilight air…

though not a word,
a sigh, a kiss,
can ever pass
its chiseled lips,
it bathes me in
its waxy light,
swaddles me
in endless night,
giant clock
in giant sky,
ticking as
the days go by.

A Winter Wish


Let it rain
the whole night
but as for snow,
a thought (or two)—

let it fall
all winter long,
playing like
an endless song

let it paint
the grasslands white,
douse the globe
in candlelight

let it dust
the cities too,
sugar, just for you

I’ll do
my part
to hold it,
fold it,
in my heart.

Snow Hope


‘The winter
that wasn’t’
is what
we have here,
though prospects
of snow
are perfectly
the night sky
is gloomy,
are not bright—
still . . .
never a
is ever
in sight!



Halloween is coming—
I feel it in the air—
pumpkins tumbling,
dry leaves crunching,
apples everywhere.
Windy days,
frigid nights
shadows on the bog—
soon the sky
will fold the sun
into a wintry fog.
Stalks of corn
without their cobs—
just rows and rows of straw—
pumpkins tumbling
dry leaves crunching—
tell me it is fall.

Poem for a Winter Day


When snowflakes fall

so soft,

so white,

I cup my hands

like bowls

of rice

to catch

these lacy


of ice.

But when the sky

so cold,

so bright,

turns out its


winter light,

I climb

in bed

to dream

all night.

(c) jgkrantz, 2012

Couplets for the Holidays…

Hi, Everybody–here are 3 couplets I wrote for David Harrison’s blog.  Try writing a few yourself–they’re fun!

icicles, bicycles, pudding and cake—
such a fine thing is a wintery break!

lawn is frozen, flowers dozin’,
robin-redbreasts tippy-toesin’.

evergreens shiver in cold winter wind,
sugary snowflakes scatter and spin.