About Me

Julie Krantz

Funny, frank, and affable, Julie Krantz often describes herself as “one of those kids who headed to the library for a good time.” A lifelong bibliophile, Julie showed an early interest in writing, publishing her first article for the Riverton, NJ newspaper in eighth grade. Now a full-time poet, picture book writer and novelist, Julie’s work can be found in Spider Magazine and the SCBWI National Bulletin as well as in various other print and online forums.

Her forthcoming picture book, YOSHI’S YUCCA, first appeared as a short story in the September 2007 issue of Spider, for which it received a Letter of Merit from the SCBWI Magazine Merit Award Committee in 2008. Julie has also won several other prestigious writing awards, including a 2006 Emerging Artists Grant from the Durham, NC Arts Council and a First Place in Children’s Writing from Carteret Writers, Inc. in 2000. A graduate of Douglass College and Rutgers University (M.A., M.Phil., A.B.D.), she recently earned an Honors Certificate in Creative Writing from UCLA-Extension.

In addition to writing, Julie has raised four children (and had her hair raised by them!) and loves to hike, camp, shop, knit, eat and participate in blogs and writing contests. She also enjoys visiting schools for workshops, talks and poetry readings.

That just about covers it. Oh! Except for watching movies and traveling. In fact, Julie has lived in many places, including New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Arizona, California, North Carolina, Florida and France.



  1. Juliana Lee · January 9, 2014

    Hi Julie! Nice to meet you here!

  2. juliekrantz · February 10, 2014

    Nice to meet you, too, Juliana!

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